Restorative Yoga #04


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  • A quiet and comfortable, safe and cosy space
  • A yoga mat, or blanket laid out, or a carpeted area
  • 4 Yoga pads or books
  • 2 Yoga bricks or books
  • Yoga belt or scarf or tie
  • 2 neatly folded blankets or towels 
  • Eye pillow to cover the eyes (optional)


If a particular posture is not suitable for you, e.g. pregnancy, low/high blood pressure, slipped disc etc, alternatives are offered below.

Even though this is a relaxation/restoration course, please listen to your body and if you intuitively feel any pose is not for you, then please take responsibility and practise the alternative offered in the notes that accompany each session.

sukasana & Uttar Aabodhi Mudra

[01.59] Easy Relaxation Pose

[05.00] Supine Pigeon Pose

[11.34] Happy Puppy Pose

[12.27] Incline Twist

In pregnancy, or if you have been advised not to twist due to back issues, rather than twisting, over the bolster, have the bolster to one side of your mat and laying on your back, bend one knee and guide it across the midline to rest on the bolster for a gentler twist.

[22.45] Easy Supported Back Bend

[27.42] Deep Supported Backbend

[33.30] Supported Child's Pose

[36.18] Banana Pose

In pregnancy, sit on a bolster and reaching the right arm up side bend over to the left.  Repeat on the other side.  If you have back issues and have been advised no side bending, miss this out.  

[43.47] elevated legs

In pregnancy, take the legs up the wall.  Place a horizontal bolster against the skirting board and sitting the pelvis on top, mindfully bring yourself around so your legs go up the wall and you are laying on your back. Stay for as long as it is right for you. 

[47.00] final relaxation pose

In pregnancy, lay the trunk along an inclined bolster.