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Over the last twenty years, I have enjoyed a variety of Angie's workouts. There doesn't seem to be anything that she can't teach and her cheerfulness and good humour make all her classes fun as well as challenging.  Her professionalism enables her to correct an individual's technique whilst seamlessly teaching a whole class. She is brilliant at remembering who needs to look after which part of their bodies. Angie's support  in helping me regain both strength and flexibility after a severe back accident 5 years ago has been life changing.

Venessa P


Every session Angie takes is taught with passion and enthusiasm. Her classes are unique and never the same which keeps you coming back for more.

I would never have ever thought I’d be practising yoga, bouncing around on a Swiss-ball, or doing Pilates, or working out with weights, but Angie has bought all these sessions to light.  She’s an amazing teacher and may she continue forever!

Aysha A


At the beginning of my fitness journey, Angie helped me with the difficult task of turning over a new leaf. Then, her wide range of classes kept me on track - her yoga, Pilates, core, strength training classes, all kept me motivated; her incredible knowledge, vast experience, precise and committed teaching, and warm, engaging personality, all inspired me to keep going and to be the fittest I’ve been in years. And she herself - just look at her! - is a true inspiration to us all. All this, and her drive to get us all to  push hard, no matter our age our level of fitness, as well as to nurture ourselves, is why she has such a loyal following and why I, for one, will be sticking with her for as long as possible. Huge thanks to Angie for helping me to turn things around through fitness and strength - it has been a life changing experience

Jenna J