Online Classes

Improve your fitness level and enjoy classes and courses in the privacy of your own house – schedule below. Live-streamed online classes with Angie are via Zoom. A great way to stay connected, safe and healthy.

Online pointers – click here

1 Class Pass
10 class  pass

6-Week Back Care Pilates | £54 (Drop-ins welcome | £11)

Rolling course to help prevent and ease back pain. Focusing on alignment, precision and breath to create space and awareness in the body. 

  • Max 10 people
  • Via Zoom
  • Mat
  • Squishy Pilates ball
  • Folded blanket or yoga pad
Keeping our working-out community working out!


Online Pointers for Zoom Live Streaming

Download the latest version of Zoom and sign up for the FREE option.

  • Download the Gymcatch app from the app store or go online to and register and ‘follow’ your ‘fitness provider’ ExploreYogaPilates. All classes are booked and paid for via Gymcatch.
  • You can use your computer, laptop, iPad or mobile phone to participate in the Zoom classes. (The issue with using the mobile though is that it is rather small to see the class in progress – unless you have amazing eyesight!) Consider pairing your device with your Smart TV if you have one.
  • Ensure Zoom has access to your microphone otherwise you will not be able to hear the class.
  • Position your mat so you are practising/working out in a safe area.
  • Position your camera so I can see you clearly. You may have to change the angle from when you are standing to laying down. For privacy, if you prefer to have your camera off, that is your right.
  • The class is kept as safe as possible. There is an option to change your username, so if you feel more comfortable, then first name and first initial of your surname will suffice.
  • To bring the teacher to the ‘big screen’, go to the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of their box. Click ‘pin video’ and hey presto the teacher increases in size! Or just double click on the teacher’s square and that will bring their box to the ‘big screen’.
  • Music for the class is ‘shared’ via Zoom. I will check volume levels at the start of class. Also check your own audio levels.
  • ‘Gallery view’ is in the top right hand corner – click this and then everyone is on the page. Otherwise stay with ‘speaker view’.
  • Classes are at a General Level unless specified.
  • Ensure you stay hydrated.
  • Please arrive early for class. Classes will open 20 minutes or so before the start time so there is time to enter, say hello and check technical set up is correct. (Please bear in mind I am no technical whizz so if the majority of the class is set to go, the class will start).
  • There is the ‘chat’ option (either private or open to the group) – make sure this is ON and if you have a question during class, type it and I will be able to see it. There is also the emjoi thumbs up or down if I ask you a question.
  • Important – if a move doesn’t feel right for you, avoid doing it. Alternatives and modifications are offered wherever possible. But listen to your body and use your intuition.
  • Classes will be ‘locked’ after start time to ensure safety and security. No latecomers will be allowed.
  • Email me any feedback and your suggestions so so I may improve the service I’m offering. Looking forward to connecting with you soon.
  • Please do not contact me on technical issues, but contact the experts here

ExploreYogaPilates Onlinekeeping our working-out community working out!



I have been a client of Angie’s for over 15 years.  After my hip operation she helped me with my rehabilitation through Pilates. After recovery, we then moved onto the pilates reformer machine which was fantastic. I attended many of Angie’s classes including over the years including yoga which I really enjoy. She is extremely professional and has in-depth knowledge of health and fitness after travelling the world extensively to further learn more about her craft. I truly  believe they aren’t many better teachers than Ang and I can’t recommend her enough!

David E


Angie is incredibly patient with us all and I was mightily impressed (and gobsmacked) the other morning when she caught me on Zoom having a rest during pushups!

This is what makes adapting to online classes worthwhile … for a live-streamed class with an outstanding teaching … she keeps us on our toes! 

Carolyn M


Angie is amazing! Without her I don’t think I would have managed a return to fitness after surgery and her skill, enthusiasm, sense of humour and impeccable teaching skills are second to none.

We do yoga, pilates, Swiss ball, BodyPump, weights and core classes together - I love every single one! She is most definitely the best fitness teacher I have ever come across. Not only does she know her stuff inside out, but she knows all her clients too and looks out for them, making sure that there are options for all.

She has an infectious smile and a fab sense of humour and after any class with Angie you come out feeling energised, happy and ready to take on the world!

Nikki W