Angie offers 1-2-1 Reformer Training

Get ready to reform the way you feel, reform the way you look and reform the way you workout!

The benefits of Reformer training

  • It helps improve focus and concentration
  • It lengthens and strengthens the body
  • It increases core strength
  • It improves posture awareness
  • It may help ease and prevent back pain
  • It enhances flexibility, mobility and balance
  • It increases energy levels and motivation
  • It deepens understanding of the matwork (and vice-versa)
  • It can aid rehab


It can be addictive as it leaves you with a feeling of spaciousness and ease in the joints, improved muscle tone, fabulous posture and the feeling of uplift and positivity to face the rest of the day!

How many times a week should one ‘do’ Pilates Reformer?

Although it is tempting to just do Reformer only (see above about how it leaves you feeling) – Reformer training is best combined with your other exercise disciplines – whether you’re a lover of matwork, yoga, walking, jogging, swimming, boxing, football, tennis etc! Depending on your schedule and other commitments, at least once a week on a 1-2-1 basis is amazingly beneficial.

And with consistency in training, you will notice results and truly feel the benefits.

If you’ve never done a reformer class before, try a taster session where you will be taken through the different aspects of the machine and have a ‘taste’ of some different ways you can work the body on the Reformer. Click the button above to join the waiting list.

Sessions are on an individual basis at present.