Introduction to Restorative Yoga

Course LEVEL

Suitable for all anyone who desires a gentle-style class to promote relaxation, reduce stress levels and enhance peace of mind. 

What you will learn

Relaxation yoga postures with awareness of the breath.

With practice, you can mix and matches the poses from the four different sessions to make up your own restorative practice.


  • A quiet and comfortable, safe and cosy space
  • A yoga mat, or blanket laid out, or a carpeted area
  • 4 yoga pads or books
  • 2 yoga bricks or books
  • Yoga belt or scarf or tie
  • 2 neatly folded blankets or towels 
  • A chair (for Restorative 3) 
  • Eye pillow to cover the eyes if wanted


If a particular posture is not suitable for you, e.g. pregnancy, low/high blood pressure, slipped disc etc, alternatives are offered in the session notes in red

Even though this is a relaxation/restoration course, please listen to your body and if you intuitively feel any pose is not for you, then please take responsibility and practise the alternative offered in the notes that accompany each session.