October 11

Restorative Yoga #01




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  • A quiet and comfortable, safe and cosy space
  • A yoga mat, or blanket laid out, or a carpeted area
  • 4 Yoga pads or books
  • 2 Yoga bricks or books
  • Yoga belt or scarf or tie
  • Eye pillow to cover the eyes (optional)


If a particular posture is not suitable for you, e.g. pregnancy, low/high blood pressure, slipped disc etc, alternatives are offered below.

Even though this is a relaxation/restoration course, please listen to your body and if you intuitively feel any pose is not for you, then please take responsibility and practise the alternative offered in the notes that accompany each session.

Sukasana – sitting crossed-legged

If sitting crossed-legged is not for you, please sit however you wish comfortably maintaining lift and space in the spine.

[00.59] Easy relaxation pose

In pregnancy, have your bolster on an incline using pads, blocks or books.

[07.39] Reclining Pigeon pose – Right

If  there is an issue in the left hip and it is challenging to hold behind the thigh for whatever reason, either keep the right foot down on the bolster or use a strap behind the right thigh to lift the right thigh towards you. 

[11.19] Reclining Pigeon pose – Left

If there is an issue in the right hip and it is challenging to hold behind the thigh for whatever reason, either keep the left foot down on the bolster or use a strap behind the left thigh to lift the left thigh toward you.

[15.08] easy side lying pose

In pregnancy, when laying sideways, ensure you bump is comfortable.

If you have high blood pressure, or a shoulder injury or impingement, keep the top arm down resting wherever is comfortable.

[24.58] Supported Child’s Pose

In pregnancy no need to use the bolster, bring the bump between the inner thighs and rest head on a neatly folded blanket. Use another blanket to support bump if needed. 

For back issues, raise the incline of the bolster as required. 

[28.52] Straddle pose

As an alternative to laying prone, come to sitting up against a wall with a support under the bottom and the legs in butterfly, soles of the feet together. Backs of the hands resting lightly on the thighs and eyes closed. 

[31.44] Supine Butterfly Pose

If you have high blood pressure or shoulder injuries, keep the arms down, resting either out to the sides or resting the hands over the belly, support the elbows so they are not just hanging.

[40.09] Final Relaxation pose

In pregnancy have another bolster (or use the bolster from under the legs instead) on an incline so you can recline your trunk along the bolster.  Head and neck supported with a neatly folded blanket.



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