Restorative Yoga #02


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  • A quiet and comfortable, safe and cosy space
  • A yoga mat, or blanket laid out, or a carpeted area
  • 4 Yoga pads or books
  • 2 Yoga bricks or books
  • Yoga belt or scarf or tie
  • Eye pillow to cover the eyes (optional)


If a particular posture is not suitable for you, e.g. pregnancy, low/high blood pressure, slipped disc etc, alternatives are offered below.

Even though this is a relaxation/restoration course, please listen to your body and if you intuitively feel any pose is not for you, then please take responsibility and practise the alternative offered in the notes that accompany each session.

Sukasana – sitting crossed-legged

If sitting crossed-legged is not for you, please sit however you wish comfortably maintaining lift and space in the spine.

[00.55] Easy relaxation pose

In pregnancy, lay the trunk over a suitably inclined second bolster.

[05.07] Laying Sukasana

Support under the thighs if the hips are particularly tight today.

[08.06] happy baby Pose

[10.15] Gentle SPinal Twist

[17.17] SImple seated twist

[18.34] Easy Backbend with Hip Extension

Avoid extreme backbends in pregnancy, so listen to your body.  

For back issues, again, keep safe and instead of a bolster, have a folded blanket under the pelvis instead.

[21.34]  Lying Hamstring Release with Strap

[28.33]  Double Leg Lift with Strap

[28.33]   Inner Thigh Release Pose

[28.33]   Supine Gentle Twist

[37.24] Chest Expansion with Blanket

In pregnancy, instead of a concertina blanket, use a bolster on an incline. 

For back issues, knees stay bent, feet mat with apart and allow the knee to drop in towards each other.

[37.24] Child’s Pose

[42.58] Sukasana & Jnana Mudra