by Angie Newson

May 14, 2020

A juice detox can have amazing health benefits, and weather you are juicing for a few days to cleanse or you are doing just a one-day detox to reboot, beware of these ten common mistakes ...

#1 – Not drinking fresh juices

Aim to drink your detox juice as soon as you’ve made it. The longer you leave it, the living enzymes become not so living! Often for convenience we make a batch of juice for the day, and although this may save a bit of time, you’ll lose a lot of the detox benefits. Remember why you are doing your detox diet and drink straight from your juicer.

#2 – Buying supermarket pre-packaged drinks

Although these may look healthy and the plastic bottles are usually well-designed for that “natural” look – read the label! Many contain concentrated juice, refined sugars, preservatives and additives and high chances the plastic container is not BPA-free. Always freshly squeeze your detox-diet drinks – more alkalising for your body and taste better too.

#3 – Guzzling your juice too Quickly

Slow down and chew your juice! Swish it around your mouth so your saliva starts to flow and the digestive juices wake up. Take a moment to be mindful and notice the taste and the smell of your detox juice and the sensations as it trickles down your throat on its way to your belly. Become aware of your breathing. Pause to savour, practise gratitude and offer thanks for such a delicious meal.

#4 – Including too much fruit in your recipes

Go green – green juice in your diet may take a bit of getting used to and adding fruit naturally sweetens the taste, however too much mixed with greens may cause bloating and wind. Gradually reduce the amount of fruit when doing a juice fast, adding lemon juice to take the edge of the “greenness” if so desired.

#5 – Spending too much money on berries

A punnet of blackberries may add colour, but only a shot shoots out into your detox drink. Go for citrus fruits like oranges and lemons – more bang-for-your-buck.

#6 – Not buying organic produce

Your cleanse may cost a little more, however, always aim to buy as much organic produce as you can. Otherwise you’ll be ingesting a load of pesticides, chemicals and toxins. Shop at farmers’ markets or grow your own fruit ‘n veg. Organic food is becoming more popular and the big supermarkets now have dedicated sections and your local health food store often discounts at the end of the day, so keep an eye out for bargains!

#7 – Not having the right mindset

No good consuming your nourishing detox juice and then eating junk food for the rest of the day or as a “reward”, sneaking in a small doughnut when no one’s looking. You’re only cheating yourself. Hang in there – your taste buds will soon change so you’ll only want to “reward” yourself with more juice and healthy, replenishing nosh. Eating clean is a lifestyle change.

#8 – Leaving your juicer unwashed!

Always clean your juicer thoroughly – pretty obvious really but surprisingly many people give their juicers only a quick rinse.

To avoid bad bacteria multiplying , ensure your juicer’s bits ‘n pieces go in the dishwasher (use green/eco tabs!) or leave in hot water to soak in the sink.

#9 – Not juicing at all!

Start simply. Invest in a good cold-pressed juicer and experiment. There are many juicing recipe available online or be creative with your own juice-fast concoctions. Get the whole family involved. Kids (supervised!) usually are fascinated and love helping throw in the vegetables and tasting the results.

#10 – Not varying your juices

Variety is the spice of life and consuming different detox juices ensure you get the full-range if vitamins and minerals. It’s pretty boring to stick with the same old, same old. Bring in chard, dandelion, beets tops and rocket and don’t forget parsley, coriander and mint to add a different dimension to your juice fast.

Juicing is a simple, quick and easy way to get more plant-based nutrition into your diet. Making tweaks to how you juice can have enormous health benefits, including natural weight loss, increased energy levels and disease prevention. Remember to drink lots of water when on a detox diet and follow a suitable exercise programme.

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