by Angie Newson

April 18, 2020

31 Quick And Easy Tips To Improve Your Wellbeing At Work

  1. Ditch your chair and sit on a Swiss ball instead – strengthen your core while you toil.
  2. Drink lots of water throughout the day for clear skin and flushing the digestive system. Keep a bottle at your desk.
  3. If you feel a bit edgy, switch from coffee to green tea and see if that helps.
  4. Forget the lift and take the stairs – two at a time to shape your legs and define your butt!
  5. Give your eyes regular breaks from the PC and do some shoulder rolls with closed eyes to relieve any eye and neck strain.
  6. To improve spinal mobility throughout the day, a few standing Pilates roll downs will help a tight back. Feet hip-distance apart, nod the chin to chest, soften the knees and roll down sequentially through the spine and roll up again.
  7. Avoid ringing your work colleague when they’re in the next office – move – go and see them instead. If you do have to use the ‘phone, then stand up to converse.
  8. Exercise your brain by avoiding the mobile’s calculator for simple sums.
  9. Ignore all office gossip – wastes time and energy.
  10. Open a window for fresh air instead of using the air-con.
  11. Take advantage of the office gym if there is one or a discounted gym membership if your company offers it, and workout at least three times a week.
  12. Participate in the office yoga class or find a teacher and start your own group at lunchtime. Apart from improving physical flexibility and strength, it eases mental and emotional stress.
  13. Cycle or jog to work or get off a train/bus stop early and walk the rest of the way to improve your cardio fitness. Wear trainers on your way to and from work.
  14. Eat healthily (organic if you can) and prepare your own lunch at home to bring with you. Eating for health is a natural and safe way to maintain your ideal weight and look good. Saves money too.
  15. During lunchtime, find a peaceful place to sit for 10 minutes to focus on your breathing to bring you into the present moment. Or take a quiet walk being aware of each step.
  16. If anxious about an important meeting coming up, find a quiet space and spend a few moments to become centred and count to 10 before going in.
  17. Learn to say no if you are being put upon – become more aware of your own (and other people’s) boundaries.
  18. Notice what you are really feeling in your body to help enhance intuition and make the right decisions.
  19. Read about different types of personalities in the workplace and learn how best to deal with your work colleagues.
  20. Go on training courses – learn, grow and move onward and upward.
  21. Get into the habit of only checking email twice a day – leave an automatic reply to say this is being done but they can call you if it’s urgent – most things aren’t.
  22. Become involved in office games – the sporty variety. Join the football team, play netball or go bowling. Socialising with like-minded positive people immediately lifts your spirits.
  23. Respect your own down time as well as others.
  24. Work in natural daylight if possible. Vitamin D promotes better health and can boost productivity.
  25. Work at a standing desk if that’s available.
  26. Keep your computer clean – wipe your keyboard at the end of each day. Or if sharing, wipe it before you start work to prevent the spread of germs.
  27. Turn off the notifications on your mobile for social media sites to avoid unnecessary distraction.
  28. Add some plants around the workplace or on your desk to help reduce noise level and improve creativity.
  29. Turn off your email alert on your mobile when you leave work – remember the days when we left work and work was left!? Back in the day, no one would dare contact you outside working hours
  30. Avoid overdoing the Netflix when you get home and ensure you have a bed routine for a good night’s sleep.
  31. Are you really doing the job you love? Know/feel the difference – if you love what you do then it won’t feel like a hard slog. If it does, ditch the excuses and work out an exit scheme now! 
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