Stretch #86

Requirements: Mat, belt/band yoga pad/cushion/folded blanket if extra support required.

A general level class that stretches the whole body. Mobility moves warm the body so stretches can lengthen and release the muscles to improve flexibility, tone and range of joint movement. Safe stretching techniques can ease pain and prevent injury and improve posture, alignment and body awareness. Stretching is great for calming the mind and releasing tension and tightness and improves mechanical efficiency and overall functional performance.

These classes are recordings of real livestream Zoom classes. There are times I may come up to the camera when viewing my gallery of clients (who are NOT recorded). There may be times when the sun shines in! There may be times when my dogs pop in too!

As On Demand is recorded, I obviously cannot see you. Please ensure you are working out in a safe space. You are responsible for your own body and if there is a move that does not feel right for you, please make the moves smaller or miss them out. Modifications and progressions are offered. Please ensure you have clearance from your doctor before embarking on any exercise programme.

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