Strength #034

An easy-to-follow dumbbells weights class to improve strength, muscle definition and endurance. Using light (2kg), medium (3–4kg) and heavier weights (5-6kg) to hone and tone and avoid that ‘bulky’ look. Working out with weights increases lean muscle mass and improves bone density. Incorporating upper and lower body exercises to help burn fat, increase your metabolism and improve fitness level and form. Suitable for everyone.

These classes are recordings of real livestream Zoom classes. There are times I may come up to the camera when viewing my gallery of clients (who are NOT recorded). There may be times when the sun shines in! There may be times when my dogs pop in too!

As On Demand is recorded, I obviously cannot see you. You are responsible for your own body and if there is a move that does not feel right for you, please use a lighter weight or continue the moves without weights. Modifications and progressions are offered. Please ensure you have clearance from your doctor before embarking on any exercise programme.

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