Core #002

A general level core conditioning abs-focused class that targets the mid-torso to boost strength, stability and power. Low-intensity moves designed to strengthen the back and sides of the body and give you flatter abs! Balance exercises will improve posture and body awareness. Having a strong core can alleviate back pain and prevent injury and enhance functional everyday moves and improve ‘washboard’ definition (if that’s what you’re after!) The class starts with standing abs/back moves and then floorwork before a final stretch.

These classes are recordings of real livestream Zoom classes. There are times I may come up to the camera when viewing my gallery of clients (who are NOT recorded).  There may be times when the sun shines in! There may be times when my dogs pop in too!

As On Demand is recorded, I obviously cannot see you. Please ensure you are working out in a safe space. You are responsible for your own body and if there is a move that does not feel right for you, please make the moves smaller or miss them out. Modifications and progressions are offered. Please ensure you have clearance from your doctor before embarking on any exercise programme.

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